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Facebook-Proof Your Party Wear
How to Make Sure Your Friends and Followers Never Have to "Like" the Same Look Twice

By Mary Avant

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It’s finally Friday night. To celebrate, you bust out your hot new dress and hit the town. The next morning, killer pics of you rockin’ your new look show up on Facebook. At first you’re stoked, but then it hits you -- does this mean you have to stash your new outfit in the back of your closet, toss it in the trash or donate it to your local thrift store? No way! With a little reworking, you can replay your favorite pieces -- and your Facebook friends will never even know.

Prepping Your Wardrobe
While it easy enough to restyle your favorite looks, you need to already have a closet filled with fashion “recyclables.”

“It really starts with the right type of wardrobe,” said Mikki Taylor, beauty and style expert and author of "Commander in Chic." “My first style rule is to make sure you have a wardrobe composed of keepers and mileage-making pieces of value to work a look again and again.”

This means buying staple, classic pieces -- think an amazing boyfriend blazer or a great structured blouse -- that that you can mix and match to make style-savvy outfits again and again. “You want to pick timeless, distinctive pieces that can be reinterpreted or reinvented from season to season,” Taylor explained. And this also means you should avoid buying strictly on-trend outfits. “The pieces that are too specific or are high-trend pieces, those are the pieces that will be difficult to replay again -- and they also tend to get dated pretty fast,” she said.

So next time you hit the mall or your favorite boutiques, look for dresses, pants, jackets and tops that are going to serve you in many ways.

Your safest pick is the ever-faithful little black dress, says Cheryl Ann Wadlington, owner of Evoluer Image Consultants in Philadelphia. “It’s really worth investing in a good little black dress that you can mix and match. You can wear it for day -- and then rework it with accessories and other trendier pieces for evening wear,” she suggested. “It will last forever.”

Another tip to make your wardrobe Facebook-friendly? Taylor advises going for separates. “They really allow you a lot of wardrobe mileage because you can wear them together, wear them apart -- and mix them up with other pieces,” she said. “It’s really about how creative you can be. That’s the only thing that should really limit you from playing it again and again.”

The Rules of Re-Using
When it comes to restyling outfits, the rules are pretty simple.

“Make sure that you don’t wear [the outfit] in the same way to the same place and within the same week,” said Wadlington.

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