Dress Your Age? No Way, Says Fashion Expert

When women hit 50, “this is the time to let your chic flag fly,” says Simon Doonan, the creative ambassador for Barneys New York. We couldn't agree more!!

In an AARP.com article Doonan writes: “This oppressive concept of age-appropriate dressing has never made any sense to me. In fact, I propose the exact opposite: I believe that the older you get, the more bold and playful you should become in your dress. Do not allow yourself to be inhibited by someone else's notions of good taste and bad taste. You have paid your dues. You have earned the right to sassy it up!”

Check out the full article here! Then go ahead and find yourself a style role model. Pictured here, is one of ours – Socialite, interior designer, and style icon, Iris Apfel, the 90-somethng fashionista who serves and delivers distinct, global-chic style!

Still need help with sassing up your style? Contact us!

Iris Apfel (Image: Daniela Federici/ Blue Illusion)

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