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Facebook-Proof Your Party Wear
How to Make Sure Your Friends and Followers Never Have to "Like" the Same Look Twice

​By Mary Avant

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Also, be aware of who you’re going to be around when you’re reworking an outfit, adds clothing designer Abi Ferrin. “The first thing I always think about is making sure of the audience I’m wearing it with,” she said. “If you wore it with a certain group of friends, maybe you don’t want to wear it with that same group of friends.” Instead, try wearing that fabulous new blouse out to dinner with your boyfriend one night and out to the club with your girlfriends the next week.

You also need to be careful not to wear the same bright, bold or statement piece on multiple occasions, Ferrin warns. “The thing about bold pieces is they stand out in people’s minds. So if you’re at a point where you’re going to rework pieces, I recommend going with ones that are a little bit toned down -- in colors like navy, teal, black, wine or plum. You want something that’s not in your face like fuchsia or a yellow -- or silver sparkles.”

Instead, save memorable pieces for a time when you're the star of the show, like when you're throwing your own party, says Ferrin. That way, people will always remember just how amazing you looked -- and you'll have photos to prove it! And of course, there's the most important rule: Rock what you’re re-wearing! “You don’t want to be insecure about working a great look or great pieces again,” Taylor said. “So I think it’s a confidence factor, too.”

If you’re lost and looking for inspiration and guidance on how to reuse your favorite outfits, find a style icon, Taylor suggests. “For example, First Lady Michelle Obama, she repeats looks again and again -- and she’s the most photographed woman in the world.”

What's Old Is New
So just how do you make last week’s outfit photo-ready again? For starters, strike a pose! “You can even kind of make the piece look different in the way that you pose -- the angle, the side of the piece that you show toward the camera,” said Ferrin.

But if you want to change things up a bit more, just accessorize. Whether it’s a statement necklace, gorgeous earrings or bold cuffs, swapping out jewelry can turn an outfit into something completely different. You can also add a belt to your look, which will also cinch your waist, giving you a fabulous silhouette. An unusual pin, strategically placed, can draw the eye and win endless compliments. Next, play with layers. Top it off with something like a denim jacket, a fur vest or a denim blazer, says Wadlington. Add tights or fun, patterned leggings to a dress if you opted for bare legs last time. “To detract from the dress, make it about your shoes,” Ferrin suggested.

You can change up your shoes to give the outfit a completely different vibe. “Slip on a sexy stiletto for a sexy look or use an embellished flat for something more demure,” Wadlington said. “Put a boot on with it. [You] can give it that edge with a cute bootie or ankle boot, or even a thigh-high boot for the nighttime.”

One way to make a difference that doesn’t involve clothes or accessories is by playing with your hair and makeup. If you had voluminous, curly hair in your last photo, go for a sleek and straight look the next time around. If you sported an au natural face last time, go for a bold lip and bright eyes for a whole new look. “If all else fails, you can always try to tailor an outfit to give it a fresh look and breathe new life into it,” Wadlington said.

But don’t stress trying to coming up with ways to altering an already-stellar outfit, Taylor adds. “It’s important to remember a great look is a great look -- plain and simple. “It doesn’t matter how many times you wear it, a great look is exactly that.”

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