Wardrobe AUDIT

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Does your closet suffer from nothing-to-wear disorder? Could your attire use a style injection? We put your wardrobe on a diet, eliminating outdated outfits and bygone trends that devour valuable space. We strip down to the bare nessentials and build from there to create captivating clothing combinations. You’ll lose plenty of stress and gain precious moments during your morning routine.

Audit: Restructure your wardrobe, re-envision existing pieces and rid your closet of fashion don’ts. We ensure that garments are becoming to your figure and complement your style. This package includes on-the-spot fittings and a how-to digital photo diary of the assembled looks. You’ll understand why less is more when you have fewer clothes but endless possibilities. (Wardrobe Audits are a 2-hour minimum, but they can be longer depending on your needs and budget.) Appointments are available 6 days a week.