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About Evoluer

Passion and practice
with extensive experience make
our services a “cut above”

A woman in a trenchcoat.
A styled women's outfit.
A woman sitting on the steps with stiletto heels.

Welcome to Evoluer Image Consultants, an all-inclusive personal styling and wardrobe management agency in Philadelphia. We specialize in extensive beauty and fashion makeovers that make lasting impressions.


Yes, Evoluer works with A-listers. We also roll out the red carpet for overworked professionals, overwhelmed parents, church-goers, weightloss winners, plain janes and average joes. Whoever you are, Evoluer wants to unveil a more vivacious you. 


Evoluer’s highly credentialed style team help you define and modernize your professional brand or personal image. For individual clients, we assist you in making fashionably intelligent decisions. For corporate clients, we assist you in maximizing your best assets. We are in the business of transforming lives from the outside in.


Our experts dress you in polished head-to-toe looks for corporate meetings, job interviews, runway shows, celebrity galas, media appearances, political functions, graduations, weddings or whatever your special occasion may be.


Evoluer’s glam gurus—based in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles—have worked with a list of high-profile clients including Beyonce, Oscar de la Renta, HBO, MTV, McDonald’s and Proctor & Gamble.

Cheryl Ann Wadlington, Evoluer’s owner and chief style expert, spent decades working internationally among some of the most legendary names in the fashion and entertainment industries. 


She launched the agency in 2004 on this notion: “Everyone has a wealth of possibilities screaming inside of them. We’re here to unleash that potential.” 

Our Team

Cheryl Ann Wadlington

CEO/Style Director

Makeup Artists:
Darya Latham

Mark Starr

Hair Stylists:
Kimmi Hendrickson

Fashion Stylist/Image Consultants:
Debra Ginyard
Cherri Tome

Lida Day

Raphael Monroe

Sonya Beard, Director of Media Relations

Tonya Rossin, Booker

Sheila Simmons, Senior Editor |

Wain Kocule, Public Relations

Wynne Faust, Fashion/Beauty Assistant

Wand Gilt, Administrative Assistant

Forda Ginah Intern

Freda Dayson, Intern

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