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"I was blown away by the incredible experience and service I received.


As a sales and business peak performance coach, image is extremely important. I hired Evoluer Image Consultants to assist me with updating my image to match the new person I had decided to become. I was determined to think FROM her vs thinking OF her. It was a decision to go from Rhonda version 1.0 to Rhonda version 10.0. 


I was blown away by the incredible experience and service I received from Cheryl and her team.  I was looking for classic elegance and opulence. I was consulted by Cheryl on the basics of style and wardrobe and a Hollywood makeup artist. I got a new haircut, new makeup and the knowledge on how to apply it, and new items for my wardrobe that Cheryl helped me choose. The result left me feeling phenomenal in my new image!  Evoluer provided me an organized style book with all my colors, a list of what styles to wear and what to avoid based on my face shape and body style.


Cheryl is amazing and leads her people to provide high quality service. She takes the time to really understand what the customer wants and provides the direction on what to do and why. 

The team is amazing! I highly recommend working with Evoluer Image Consultants. I left feeling confident, beautiful, and worthy. The use value from my investment has far exceeded my expectations. Be the you, YOU want to be by working with the true elite professionals on your image. Thank you Cheryl & team!"

- Rhonda Petit Champion Mindset Coach, Buck County PA

"Thanks Cheryl for making me look fabulous!


Cheryl and the Evoluer team really see your true style and help you transform with the least amount of stress. Cheryl, in particular, is clear, loving and persistent, all in the pursuit of making you live up to your sartorial best!


Under Cheryl's tutelage, I now feel confident with how I present myself in my professional and personal life. I not only feel good but I make better choices with what I buy and save money too!


I got tired of looking in my full closet and thinking I had nothing to wear. Working with Cheryl helped me to discover my innate style and reform my wardrobe so I have fewer clothes but more complete outfits. Now every time I get dressed I look fabulous!"

- Kim

“You are the best…


I would like to express my gratitude for all of the knowledge you've imparted upon me and for taking the time out to tailor each Fashion Styling topic to my needs. These classes have certainly given me the tools and direction needed, and I'm ready to get to work!”

- Corryn

"All I can say is WOW!


Thank you Evoluer for making my Wardrobe Audit a FABULOUS experience!!!! I so appreciated your professionalism, your incredible knowledge of what would work for my body/style/coloring/budget etc. You really tuned in and listened to what my needs were. The "look book" is great!!! It gives me some wonderful ideas. I appreciate the quick turn around."


- Nancy

"Cheryl and her team hit it out the park!

My request or I should say challenge – help me create a unique look and give me what I need to 'knock out of the park' two photo shoots. They understood my needs and brand and provided wardrobe advice; shopping; and looks that I love for corporate, social, and public appearances. And my photo shoot – Cheryl and her team hit it out the park from wardrobe selection to makeup to styling."

- Linda

"Cheryl is great, really figured out clothing styles, colors, glasses, and accessories that I would not have dared to consider before, and that make me feel really good, stylish, chic and more alive. Thank you Cheryl!"



- Edy

"Cheryl and her team are PROFESSIONALS from start to finish!


Their expertise has helped me define a look and give me style direction. Just days after working with her I started receiving compliments on my hair, make up and outfits. Working with them is one of the best decisions I've made in a long time!" 

- Julia

"By far the best!

The Evoluer team did more than "beat my face" and improve my on-camera wardrobe when I came for my makeover a little more than a year ago! Their whole approach to branding yourself, encouraged me to PUSH beyond myself, -- be more creative & think outside the box. A year changes PLENTY! It was one of the best experiences I have ever had!!"

- Carolina Winsteine

"Cool Professionals...

When you need to command all of the attention in the room, the Evoluer Style Team is the one to go to! From closet makeovers to personal style development and make-up, they work wonders... I absolutely love the "Geek look" created for me, and I wouldn't dare use another Style Team!"

- Chris Curtis

"I couldn't be more pleased

Evoluer Image Consultants' Wardrobe Audit service has completely changed my get dressed for work routine. Now, I am able to get dressed in a snap, in outfits that I love and enjoy wearing. I no longer have a closet full of nothing to wear. My Evoluer wardrobe consultant was absolutely fabulous!!"

- Abigail Smith

"I felt like a superstar!

I recently had an image consult and wardrobe audit with Evoluer for my 40th birthday. It was a fantastic experience and I really felt like a "superstar." Cheryl's keen eye for fashion and detail, coupled with her professionalism made it such a memorable experience. I literally was able to apply her suggestions and tips to my wardrobe immediately and have gotten so many compliments based on one two-hour session. I trucked all the way from Long Island, New York for the consult and I must admit it was worth every bit of time and money. I would absolutely do it over again! Now, all of my girls want their hubbies to treat them to a consult with Cheryl for their birthdays."

- Natalie

"Absolutely beautiful job
Evoluer started with a Style Analysis and took each of us on a personal shopping experience. Then it was off to New York City where Evoluer scheduled a professional photo shoot for our team with top celebrity make-up artist, Anthony Jones and top celebrity photographer, Keith Major. Anthony and Keith made us feel relaxed and treated us like superstars. The photo shoot was amazing and the results outstanding. I want to personally thank Cheryl and her image experts for revitalizing our team and modernizing our brand."

- Team DermHA

"Love, love, love Evoluer!

The Evoluer Team has provided a great deal of expertise to me and several of my colleagues as we constantly work on putting our very best foot forward. They personally prepared me for my latest headshot, and it looks spectacular. I rely on Cheryl and her team for all of my fashion needs – She's outstanding!"



- I. Harper, M.A.

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