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Personalized Makeup Instruction
with Our Celebrity Makeup Artist

Could your face use a natural lift? Is your makeup best suited for Halloween? Have you watched one too many YouTube tutorials? 

Makeup by Evoluer celebrity makeup artists Darya Latham and Anthony Jones 

Color can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The goal? You want to showcase the best version of yourself. Present a polished look by invigorating bland features and camouflaging your blemishes. After one session, you will be able to apply cosmetics with confidence and finesse. Discover the most flattering shades of foundation and tints of blush. Choose the perfect lip colors and define your eyes. Master the art of blending and contouring to enhance your face. Our interactive lessons detail makeup application, step-by-step instructions and day-to-evenings transitions. Our beauty experts will edit your cosmetics case and advise you on what to keep and what to toss. The makeover session will include a Q&A of your biggest concerns. We also reveal all of our beauty secrets. Consultations are 3 hours. Appointments are limited and scheduled according to makeup artist’s availability. Contact us!

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