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Mirror, Mirror: Create a New You From the Outside In

Whether we want to admit it or not, appearance matters. You have just under 10 seconds to make a winning first impression—and the way you look conveys a lot to the world about how you view yourself.

So, when you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see in the reflection? If not, the following are simple and effective tips to

help you transform into the well-put-together person you were meant to be inside—and out.

Check Yourself Ask yourself: Am I presenting the best me to the world? And does my look represent the person I am? If not, what’s holding me back? Write down both the positive and negative aspects of your appearance and work on changing those things that don’t accurately portray the person you want the world to see.

Fit In Know and dress for your true size and shape—not the Will Smith or Halle Berry figure you pretend to rock. Your clothes shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight; they should drape nicely on your body. If you can’t bend or dip without flashing someone, you are probably wearing the wrong size (remember, if it doesn’t fit, you ought to quit). Also, if you’re wearing clothes that make you feel uncomfortable, you will probably feel more self-conscious.

Color Correction Minimize neutral colors, which blend into your skin tone. Vibrant and warm, rich colors radiate on almost any skin tone. Plus, bright colors can command attention, put you in a good mood and make people happy.

Re ’Do Have you worn the same hairstyle for more than five years? Do you wear the same style regardless of the occasion? Do you envy the styles of others? If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, it may be time to try a new ’do. An updated hairstyle makes you feel confident and look more modern and chic.

Make Under Not every high-fashion look is right for you. If you are unsure about how to apply makeup, visit a makeup counter in a department store and find out what products complement your skin tone. The goal is to enhance your beauty, not to make you look like a clown.

The right style transformation keeps you marketable and desirable and can give you confidence to tackle the world. So just remember: Polish until you sparkle and sparkle until you shine inside and out!


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