Best Wardrobe Makeovers | Evoluer Image Consultants, Philadelphia

Master the art of flattering your figure with seamless silhouettes, defined lines and desirable lengths. Uncover the secrets to conceal body flaws and accentuate your best features: It’s miraculous how a cinch here and tuck there can produce dramatic changes in your appearance. Determine the color palette that best enhances your skin tone and body type. And, by all means, accessorize! Ensure your accessories attract attention for all the right reasons.

Crimes of fashion and faux pas will become a part of the past as the mirror reveals a whole new you. A customized resource list will serve as your guide to determine what works and what needs work. (Sessions are a 2-hour minimum, but they can be longer depending on your needs and budget.)

Appointments are available 6 days a week.

Learn to shop smart and dress well.