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Wardrobe Edit

A lady going through her wardrobe.

Nothing to wear in a closet full of clothes? Could your attire use a style booster? Streamline your wardrobe. Eliminate outdated outfits and expired trends that consume valuable space. We start from the bare necessities to create captivating looks. Skip the stress and save precious time during your hectic morning.

Restructure your style, reimagine the way you dress, and steer clear of fashion don’ts. We ensure that your wardrobe brings out the best in you. This package includes instant fittings and a digital photo diary of the assembled looks. See how to do more with less and have endless possibilities. (Wardrobe Audits are a 2-hour minimum, but they can be longer depending on your needs and budget.)

Appointments are available 6 days a week. Contact us!

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